BAM Humidity Armor

$27.20 $32.00

Product Description

Take control. Frizz is what happens when humidity sneaks its way into porous hair or a damaged cuticle. Fighting the frizz means locking down your cuticle to keep the humidity gremlins out of it. BAM’s heat-activated technology magically lays your cuticle down to lock humidity out of your hair without coating it, drying it or weighing it down. This leaves your locks silky and sleek.

Directions for use: Spray liberally on damp hair after towel drying. Do not apply other styling products. Blow dry hair in small sections with a round brush while holding hair taut. The heat from your blow dry will activate Bam’s humidity cloaking technology. As Bam imparts style memory to your hair with each use, we suggest using after 2-3 consecutive washes in a row to start and then every 3-4 subsequent washes.

Vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free

Color and Keratin treament safe